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It’s time for change!!

Updated: May 30, 2023

I spend a lot of time in Tiny House-related Facebook groups. I read dozens of comments EVERY DAY about what you “can’t” do under current legislation. There’s a lot of whingeing and moaning going on out there.

And in fairness, it’s 100% valid.

My personal belief is that, in the midst of Australia’s worst housing crisis on record, it’s criminal that governments and councils are prohibiting vulnerable people from providing their own solutions.

Access to safe housing is a fundamental human right- for everyone, not just those who can afford to do things “by the book”. The simple truth is that many of us just don’t have that luxury.

I’m a prime example of that.

I’m a single mum and small business owner.

I’m doing ok- but certainly not ok enough (yet) to afford a traditional rental or mortgage and all the expenses that come with it (assuming I wanted to).

Five years ago, I was proactive enough to know I was mere breaths away from homelessness, and took drastic action to put my own (Tiny House) roof over my family’s head. Yet there’s not a single council in Australia where my current living arrangement is 100% legal.

If council came along tomorrow and decided to kick me off my property (that I own) for living in my Tiny House- I’d be homeless. That’s a fact.


I’m not alone. There are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people just like me.

Many are also single mums and divorced women around my age.

We should not be discouraged or prevented from taking matters into our own hands, where governments are failing to do so.


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