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Looking for land
to park your Tiny House?

You've come to the right place!

With ParkMyTinyHouse, finding a parking spot is now

no longer the hardest part of going Tiny!

We have the biggest selection of long-term Tiny House land rentals in Australia- right here in one place!

No more fruitless weekends spent driving around flyer dropping or stalking Facebook groups.

We do the hard work for you!

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Do you own acreage
and have some unused space?

Did you know you can turn that spot by the dam, or that unused back paddock, into guaranteed TRUE PASSIVE income? No ongoing fees, no handling bookings, just reliable weekly deposits into your bank account!

Hi, I'm Briony!

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I’m a single mum and my kids and I have lived in our own Tiny House on Wheels for over 3 years now. I am lucky enough to live off-grid on my own land in beautiful central Victoria.

I’m going to get personal with you here. After my divorce, I really struggled financially. I downsized 5 times in 18 months, but the financial anxiety was so great it started affecting my mental health.


Others told me things like "tough it out, that's life". But my kids and I deserved better- so I upended all our lives and made Tiny House life happen for us.

Without a doubt, it was THE BEST decision I ever made!

Life now is simple. We’re immersed in nature and fresh air, with the ultimate in time flexibility.

Back then- there were times I didn't have enough money for petrol to drive my kids to school. NOW? My outgoings are so low, I can even choose how much I work. I could never have imagined living like this.

In short – I want everyone to have access to this kind of life!


I’ve been part of the Australian Tiny House community and movement for 6 years now.

I talk to a lot of people who dream of "going Tiny". The most common reason they give for not doing so is the perceived difficulty in finding a parking space. My mission became clear.


So I created the platform

It’s a simple concept matching people like me, with people who own land and have some extra space they want to rent out. One place that offers land everywhere in Australia. It just makes sense.

We launched in September 2021 with only 5 listings, and gaining new hosts was like pulling hens teeth. Less than a year later and we now have over 50 listings, and hosts knocking down my door! 


It’s a grassroots revolution aimed at providing an accessible and affordable solution to the current housing crisis, by providing people with a sustainable alternative NOW.

I’d love you to join the movement.