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We have the biggest selection of long-term Tiny House land rentals

in Australia!

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Turn that unused spot at the back of your property into


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Everything you need to know

about Tiny House life-

and how to make it happen!

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Hi, I'm Briony!

Single mum of two. Beach lover. Maverick. Off-grid Tiny House resident of 5 years.

I'm going to get personal with you here.

After my last divorce, I struggled financially in a BIG way.

My kids and I moved 5 times in 18 months, and the intense financial anxiety

had me spiralling into a vary dark place.

So I took a MASSIVE leap of faith and gave up what little I had left to go Tiny. 

Without a doubt, it was THE BEST decision I ever made!

I want everyone to have access to this kind of life if they choose it.

But until now, thousands of people have given up on their Tiny dreams

because "where would I park it?"

So I created the platform ParkMyTinyHouse.

It’s a simple concept matching people like me, with people who

own land and have some extra space they want to rent out.

The concept has been so popular, we've 10x'd since our launch in September 2021!


Tiny House living is a back-to-basics approach to enjoying simpler, more

meaningful lives. Given the current housing crisis, it's also a sustainable and

proactive way for people to provide themselves housing security.

It's every person's fundamental human right.

But we can't do that without you.

Join us?



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