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Oh hey there!
I'm Bry, your new tiny house coach!

If there's ONE thing I hear the most, it's this:

"I want to go Tiny but I have no clue where to start!"

When I first started looking into Tiny Houses 7 years ago, there was very little info out there on them (that was relevant to Australia, at least).
NOW? There's SO much out there it's overwhelming.

I've spoken to hundreds of people who really, really want to embrace Tiny House living, but are stuck in a never-ending research vortex. The more you learn, the more confused you get and the further away that Tiny House dream feels.

Sound familiar?

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This is why I started offering
PHONE ConsultS.

You've got questions? I've got answers!

I've been part of the movement for over 7 years, and I've also lived in my off-grid Tiny House for over 5 years now.

I've done it ALL- some things worked like a dream, and other things.... not so much!

Learn from my mistakes, and get some clarity around how best to start YOUR Tiny journey.

Questions I can help you with:

  • knowing where to start

  • regulations

  • buying land vs renting some

  • the finance conversation

  • which comes first, the land or the build

  • solar systems

  • weighing the on-grid vs off-grid scenario

  • where to find the resources you need

I tell it like it is, and make things super simple. I'm also an amazing cheerleader!

By the end of our 30 minute call, most clients tell me they finally know where they're going to start, and that they now have hope their Tiny dreams can really happen!

Ready to get out of that procrastination vortex and into a Tiny House?

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