About Us

Hi, I'm Briony!

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Country girl, beach lover, minimalist, Tiny House dweller and passionate Tiny House advocate.

I’m a single mum and my kids and I have lived in our own Tiny House on Wheels for over 3 years now. I am lucky enough to live off-grid on my own land in beautiful central Victoria.

I’m going to get personal with you here. After my divorce, I struggled financially for a LONG time. Even after downsizing hugely from the family home to a small rental unit, the stress and anxiety of the constant financial pressure seriously affected my mental health. I was barely treading water in survival mode.

Eventually, through research and more than one twist of good fortune, I ended up buying a Tiny House and moving off the grid.


Without a doubt, it was THE BEST decision I ever made!

Life now is simple, relaxed and easy. We’re immersed in nature and fresh air, and we've become part of the incredible local community. And my overheads are now so low I can choose how much I work.

In short – I want everyone to have access to this kind of life!


I’ve been part of the Australian Tiny House community and movement for about 5 years now. What I’ve learned over that time is that the main roadblock most people have to making the transition to “living Tiny” is their ability to find land to live on.  Too many people end up shelving their dreams because finding land just falls into the “too hard basket”. I wanted to change that.

And so I created the platform ParkMyTinyHouse.com.au

It’s a simple concept matching people like me, with people who own land and have some extra space they want to rent out.

One place that offers land Australia-wide. It just makes sense.

My industry knowledge and network connections lead me to the places around Australia that Tiny Housers really want to live – and the list is growing every day! 


It’s a grassroots revolution aimed at overcoming the current housing crisis, by providing people with a sustainable alternative NOW.

I’d love you to join the movement.