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MYTH- There's no security in Tiny House living!!

Updated: Apr 25

If you’ve heard me speak on stage at any of the expos, you may have heard my own housing story.

After my divorce in 2016, I moved house 4 times in less than 18 months.

One of my landlords increased the rent by 25%, so I had to move in with a friend as I’d been unable to find another rental in my budget.

My next rental was a poorly designed spec home where my utilities cost as much as my rent.

After 6 months there I downsized to virtually nothing and moved the kids and I into the caravan that started my journey into Tiny living, transforming my life.

Since then?

I’ve been in the same place for over 5 years!

We’re seeing a similar trend within the ParkMyTinyHouse platform.

We have multiple tenants we placed on rented land two years ago, who signed leases for an initial six month period. Every single one has had their lease renewed and are still on the same property.

We have tenants who signed one year leases almost 18 months ago. All of those have stayed on too.

It’s easy to understand why.

Unlike traditional rentals which are arms’ length business transactions, Tiny House land rentals are a 1on1 arrangement. Most commonly, the host property is the owner’s main home. Sharing daily life with a tenant, even if at opposite ends of the property, usually involves some level of interaction.

Maybe the tenant takes the rubbish out for the host. Maybe they water the garden when the host is away.

Maybe they even undertake work around the property in lieu of paying rent. This is super common, and certainly helps busy property owners look after their large acreage without being tied to it every weekend!

The relationships built through hosting are such an easy win/win for hosts that it’s a rare one indeed who wants the tenant to leave!

So to address the commonly overheard myth- in both our professional opinion and personal experience, we very strongly see the reverse as being true.

More often than not, Tiny House living (when done well) provides the long term stability many of us are seeking- that we've been unable to find through traditional housing.

And we only see this being truer as regulations shift in our favour.


To get started finding your long-term Tiny home base, check out your options HERE

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