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Top 5 reasons to embrace minimalism

  1. Stop spending more time organising your stuff than you do actually using it.

  2. Ditch clutter. There’s something deeply peaceful about living in a space with very little stuff. My stuff used to cause me anxiety, and hoarding is often a symptom of bigger picture issues like trauma and unhealed emotions.

  3. Screw capitalism. We’re “sold to” day in, day our, to the extent it’s so all-pervasive we don’t even realise it’s happening.

  4. Stop trading your time for “stuff”. Everything you buy means you have to go to work to pay for it. How much do you make per hour? How many hours of your time did you have to give up for that new dress/TikTok “must-have” or mortgage?

Your legacy to your family should be more than just a month’s worth of sorting through your shit and sending it to charity or the tip. Do it now- for them.

A life of less actually equals a life of SO much more. xBry

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