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As someone who works full time in the Tiny House industry, I wanted to offer a perspective on the impact of this industry on the housing crisis that you may not otherwise have access to.

There’s a LOT happening behind the scenes with dozens of councils right now. Some have just opened their doors to Tiny House residents , like Esperance (WA), Mount Alexander Shire (Vic), and Surf Coast (also Vic). Others are currently revisiting their planning guidelines with a view to allowing Tinies for long term occupation.

But still more are sitting back waiting and watching what other councils are doing, trying to decide when might be a suitable time to start seriously considering Tinies as living options also. It’s why you joined our mailing list, isn’t it?

I’m here to tell you- THAT TIME IS NOW.

I am just one of the key figures in the industry who hear real life stories daily of those struggling with housing insecurity. These aren’t small numbers- and I’m just one of the touch points these people have!

Homelessness is no longer purely the plight of the minority, the unemployed or people struggling with addiction.

The worst housing crisis Australia has ever seen is primarily affecting women.

I’ve spoken with HUNDREDS of single mums, semi/retired women and divorcees whose main focus every day is ensuring they have a stable roof over their heads beyond next week.

These women are being told by government departments to register for public housing, where even “high priority” cases are sometimes waiting more than FIVE YEARS for a home!

In the meantime, governments have no issue with you living in a tent, or your car. Can you imagine getting dressed and ready for work in the backseat of your Hyundai every morning?

But if you’re one of the ones resourceful enough to buy a Tiny House or a caravan to house yourself, you’re evicted very publicly, like you’re a criminal for daring come up with your own solution, and told to register for public housing.

This is NOT OK.

Tiny Houses may not be a long term or forever solution to the housing epidemic for every single person, but when they’re right here right now providing safe shelter to TENS OF THOUSANDS, myself and many of my friends included, how can you deny them?

WHAT IF- in your next election campaign, you could tell voters that you enabled homes for THOUSANDS of vulnerable community members- at ZERO COST to the taxpayer?

If you’re looking to secure your political future and stay in office long enough to make lasting change- the decision you have the opportunity to make here is a no-brainer.

Mount Alexander Shire Council last month made the landmark decision to allow residents to live in a Tiny House permanently, with no permit requirement, on private land where there is an existing primary dwelling (read about it here:

Mayor Rosie Annear has stated “A lot of us on the council couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t do something to try to make things better.”

Your constituents (ie the people who pay your salary) deserve your compassion, not the big stick.

Access to safe and secure housing is a fundamental human right.

You have the power to change TENS of thousands of lives with one simple, cost-free decision.

You joined council to make a positive impact on the world.

NOW is the chance of a lifetime to do just that.

Please take it 🙏🏻


  • Please share with your local councillor for awareness 🙏🏻


Quote and interview from Mayor Annear

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1 Comment

Absolutely brilliantly written. How could any council not be persuaded by this letter. Off to share it with my local council. Thank for taking the time to articulate this so well.

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