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Are Tiny House dwellers nomads?

I chat with a lot of property owners considering hosting a Tiny House tenant.

When talking about the most common lease length, it’s clear there’s a pretty major misconception about those of us who choose Tiny life.

Contrary to popular belief, Tiny Housers don’t “chase the sun” like vanlifers do, travelling on the wind in a different place each season.

In fact, the stats are in, and more than 90% of us are looking for long term stability with a lease of two years or more!


Let’s talk logistics.

Most recently built Tiny Houses push the limits of the maximum road legal weight of 4.5tonne.

You’re not moving one with your Hilux!

If you’ve never lived in a Tiny House, you’re probably unaware of the transportation costs and what’s involved in relocation.

There are a handful of GOOD specialty Tiny House towing companies in Australia, and they’re not cheap. They quite rightfully charge for their expertise, their time, fuel and exorbitant vehicle maintenance and upkeep costs.

Tiny House towing can cost $10-15k+ if you’re moving one from a Queensland builders factory to Victoria or W.A. for example.

And due to the scarcity of good towies, they are often booked weeks or more in advance.

Then there’s the site preparation and setup, installing footings, levelling and connecting any grey water or other services.

In short- noone’s packing up their Tiny and moving interstate every other week. It’s a PROCESS!

It makes sense, then, that a potential tenant wants some assurance they’ll be in one spot for long enough to warrant the investment and effort of moving.

For our tenants with caravans or buses (yes we help you guys find spots too), moving is far easier and six months in one spot might suit just fine.

But a lease of only six months would be a deal-breaker for the majority of our Tiny House tenants (who make up 90% of our members).

This is why we strongly encourage our potential hosts to consider a minimum lease of one year.

Honestly though, our tenants are such bloody awesome humans that we’ve never had a single host ask one to move on after only six months.

To choose your offered lease term and the kind of tenant you'd like to host, go HERE

We have 250+ eager soon-to-be Tiny House tenants just waiting for your listing 🤗


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