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Are you new around here?

Lots of fresh faces here this month so WELCOME!

Our mission here at ParkMyTinyHouse is to help provide people all the info and resources they need for an easy and stress-free transition to Tiny House living.

I started this venture myself 3 years ago purely as a land matching platform, to help people who want to go Tiny connect with landowners who want to rent them long term parking spots.

It’s been a loooong hard slog but we’re stoked with our progress so far, and it’s definitely easier now to find parking spots than it’s ever been!

We quickly grew to the point that we’re now a team of three Aussie gals (who all live Tiny ourselves because how could we recommend it if we hadn’t lived it?)

As a result of feedback from our community, last year we also launched the inaugural Tiny House Industry Awards! The program aims to help the public identify reputable Tiny House businesses by assessing and showcasing the best of the best.

As a fun side-effect, many builders have reached out for our help with their marketing and social media, so Bry now also works with builders to help them find wider audiences and “their people”.

We’re all about transparency here, and we’re committed to telling things like they are- the good AND the bad.

That being said- what we’re MOST proud of is our positive and supportive vibe.

Many online forums and Facebook groups are little more than places where people who can’t go Tiny (for whatever reason) like to try and convince others they shouldn’t either.

We are NOT here for that.

When I went Tiny myself more than 5 years ago- PLENTY of people told me I couldn’t/shouldn’t/I'll regret it.

Thank god I walk my own path because, on the contrary, it’s been THE BEST decision I’ve ever made, and has COMPLETELY TRANSFORMED MY LIFE from being broke, anxious, depressed and isolated to joyful, abundant, free (and surrounded by a loving and supportive community that makes me cry happy tears every other day!!)

In short, we aim for this platform to be a beacon of HOPE to those who need it, and the kind of place I wish I’d had access to all those years ago.

If this is your thing? Stick around for an interesting mix of inspiration, education and oversharing!


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1 Comment

Hi Bry. I resonate with your thinking having practiced minimalisation for a few years now. At 70, I sold my house (to get out of a mortgage until I'm 91) and when I'm in Australia I live in a motor home. I'm remarried and live in Mongolia. With a moderate term deposit I'd like to buy a tiny house and find a nice spot so when my wife and I move to Australia, we can settle in that home.

Keep up the good work.


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