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Can you help me find land to put my new Tiny House Airbnb?

Updated: Apr 25

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll have heard me talk a bit about my original reason for starting this platform. You might have also seen my updates after recent Tiny Homes Expos, where I gained some real clarity about my vision for this business.

The housing industry in Australia is in diabolical trouble. As a result, many people have taken drastic steps to find secure housing- moving interstate, moving out of metropolitan areas, and moving into Tiny Houses on Wheels.

The demand for secure housing is higher than ever. Everyone has the right to a roof over their head, but there are thousands that simply don’t have one.

While there’s a lot of talk at government and legislative levels about “proposed” ways to combat this- there are thousand of homeless people that will tell you they need less talk and more action.

I’m determined to be that change- by encouraging land owners to consider opening their properties to long term Tiny House residents.

There are hundreds of thousands of holiday rentals and airbnb properties sitting empty for vast periods of time (that’s a rant for a whole other day!).

What we NEED are long term housing solutions.

For this reason, I made the decision early on that we will not be offering to help find land for those wanting to place a Tiny House for Airbnb purposes.

I’ll tell you right now- it would be sooo easy to just say yes and take the money. We're a startup- right now, our revenue is spent entirely on attending expos and marketing, with the aim of reaching and educating as many land owners as possible and encouraging them to host long term residents. I’ve not yet drawn a salary since we launched in September.

But to look for land for tourism purposes would be going against everything I lobby for.

I am all about removing the roadblocks that stop people living the Tiny House lifestyle. And at present, the preference of many land owners to rent to short stay platforms rather than long term Tiny Housers is one of those roadblocks.

So thank you for the question- but I’ll have to pass. Sorry not sorry.


PS: If you’re a land owner and would like to chat about playing a part in alleviating the housing crisis, while making a truly passive income- shoot me a message.

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Hi Bry, you have a most admirable policy of focusing on long-term rentals given the housing crisis in Australia. Many people are also particularly looking for COVID safe accommodation and tiny homes might be the solution for them, and a small community of like-minded individuals could easily exist together on a moderate sized rural block with town water and mains electricity. Do you think that your organization would be an appropriate coordinator for a project such as this?

Briony J
Briony J
Apr 25
Replying to

Couldn't agree more, John! Yes we do work with many property owners who are setting up informal communities similar to what you describe. Some provide off-grid spots, others are working towards installing power and individual meters. Either way, there are LOADS of people wanting to live Tiny in small communities like these, they're a popular offering whenever we add one as a new listing on our website. You're welcome to reach out to Lucy at to see if our service might be a fit for you.

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