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Does hosting actually work??

Tony reached out to us last year asking the same question.

After meeting at one of the expos, we learned that Tony and Ann have a beautiful property on the Gold Coast and were dreaming of creating a conscious, well-being focused community there.

Fast forward to 12 months later, and we’ve now placed two very happy tenants on Tony’s property.

One of these is Andrew, a lovely guy I had the opportunity to meet briefly at last month’s expo. Andrew told me he was all settled in and loving it at Tony’s. It’s so rare we get to chat with our members after we’ve found homes for them, so it was wonderful to meet Andrew in person. What we do is far from easy, so it’s incredibly reassuring to meet the people we’re helping- it gives us the drive to keep going!

Tony and Ann recently wrote to us to tell us how it was all going:

It’s going well with them. It’s very lovely and easy to have them around.

We find ParkMyTinyHouse such a great way to bring together the Tiny owners with land owners like us. It has made the search so much easier for us and also the setup once we have found the Tiny owner. Hassle free for sure.

The team of ParkMyTinyHouse is very helpful and responsive and also great that they keep in contact once the Tiny is settled.

We’ve already recommended ParkMyTinyHouse to friends of ours, so we definitely would recommend them to more people!

A pretty great outcome for all, and they’re now earning over $20,000 a year from hosting.

To join our host network, just complete our Host Application HERE

Bry, Lucy and Carolyn.

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