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🎄 Ho ho ho! 🎄

Tis the season to drop by and let you know that, as the holidays approach (with lightning speed, yikes..!) we're so grateful for the support of ALL our members throughout the year.

2023 has been MASSIVE for us here at ParkMyTinyHouse:

❤️ We've attended 7 Tiny House expos

🧡 We created and held the very first Tiny House Industry Awards, aimed at bringing greater visibility to the industry and a better way of showing you who the most reputable industry leaders are

💛 We've now welcomed over 700 members through the doors!

💚 Our Member Superstar Carolyn matched around 100 tenants with their dream properties!!

💙 Lucy jumped on board as our new Host Hero in June, working non-stop to bring in new listings and help us reach a wider pool of potential hosts.

We have some even more exciting plans for next year, including something LONG overdue that Bry's chomping at the bit to announce in only a few short weeks...!

We've barely come up for air this year, so we're going to take an ACTUAL BREAK!

We'll be offline and recuperating as of today (Dec 20) and reopening January 15.

We have some fun stuff planned for our socials while we're away (and I'm sure I won't be able to stop myself popping in for a livestream or two!).

We'll be catching up and responding to all enquiries in the New Year.

(If you're an existing host or current member, you should already have an email from us in your inbox - or spam folder!)

Until then:

From the ParkMyTinyHouse family to yours..

THANK YOU for the incredible and ongoing support. We couldn't do this without you.

We wish you a restful and nourishing holiday season that fills your heart and soul with love and joy.

xBry, Carolyn and Lucy.

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