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Host Week- How much can I earn?


“How much can I earn from hosting?”

This is really a “how long is a piece of string” type of question as there are SO many variables.

The short answer: for all our hosts Australia-wide, the average weekly rental is around $150.

In very isolated, rural or inland places, there often isn’t the same level of demand, so the market value is less (especially if they require the tenant to be fully off grid).

On the other side of the coin, highly sought after regions (which are usually coastal) in places like Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Northern Rivers or Central Coast can command more. This is partly to do with the sheer volume of Tiny tenants looking for spots in those places, but the value of properties in those areas and comparable traditional rentals impact the higher market values here too. So hosts in these areas more commonly lease their properties for between $150-250 per week.

Besides geography and popularity, factors like outlook, any included utilities, and the term of the lease also affect the rental value. A listing with incredible views with power on an initial 12month lease may rent for more than the same listing on a 6 month lease. Moving is a pain. Most people will happily part with a little extra for longer term stability.

Over the past two years we’ve become experts in land rental evaluations. We see firsthand every day what our tenant budgets are, rental trends and which types of listings are hot property.

Part of our service involves providing you, our hosts, with a rental assessment when you submit your Host Application. If we feel your expectations are unrealistic, we’ll tell you. You get to decide whether you feel hosting will be worth your time and energy.


Based on the average rental of $150 per week, our hosts earn around $7,800 per year.

If you’re in a nice coastal area with great views, that could be up to $250 a week- that’s $13,000 a year!!

With the the average lease term of two years (currently), that’s over $20,000 in your pocket.


What would you do with this kind of income?

It would certainly help out with your rapidly rising mortgage payments, wouldn’t it?

Many of our hosts also choose to have two (or more) tenants.

That’s some SERIOUS money.

Our one-time hosting fee is an ABSOLUTE STEAL at $295.

Find me somewhere else you can make $10,000 of true passive income for doing nothing, for an investment of only $295.

I’ll wait.


If this covered off your questions and you’re ready to start hosting, Lucy would love to see your Host Application HERE

If you’ve been on the fence about hosting a Tiny tenant, there will NEVER be a more affordable time than right now!!


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Some of the local councils in these desirable areas, can be 'non tiny friendly' unless you are allowing immediate or close family on to your land. Noosa council I've heard, is particularly difficult. Where do we find out if Tiny Homes are welcome in the shire? Is it a matter of deciding where you'd like to live first, then checking the local council rules?

Briony J
Briony J
Sep 13, 2023
Replying to

Great question. Our experience differs from yours re Noosa, but the important point to note is that we take care of ALL of that when screening host applications, so that you don’t have to.

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