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Housing market vs Tiny House land rental market

What most people aren’t aware of is that the traditional real estate market doesn’t have as much impact on the Tiny House land rental market as you may assume.

As an example, we listed a beautiful property on the South Coast NSW last year. The site is off-grid but it’s only 10 minutes from an absolutely stunning beach! At the time of listing with us, the area was a hotspot amongst our members who were happy to pay $200 a week for such a site.

A LOT has changed in the last year.

Firstly, with the considerable price increase of the average Tiny Home, and the difficulty of the Tiny House finance space, fewer people are now able to afford $20-30,000 extra for off grid solar on top of the $150,000 of the home itself. This has reduced the desirability of listings that require the tenant to have an off-grid setup, which we’re seeing reflected in an increase of applications for properties where power is available.

In addition, area trends have also shifted.

6-12 months ago we were leasing QLD properties within only days or weeks of coming onto the market. Right now the trend is towards Vic properties (which baffles me, honestly, given we’re coming into a frosty winter..!) and Sydney properties.

As a result, the listing example above is now valued at $150 per week in the current market.

On the other end of the scale, there are listings in Victoria that have increased in value due to the current demand!

At the end of the day, people want to live where they want to live, and things change all the time in response to the above factors.

While there may have been numerous interest rate hikes over the past year, this does not directly correlate to an increase in Tiny House land rental prices. I can fully appreciate that interest rate rises are biting many homeowners hard, however part of our ongoing commitment to this industry is to ensure that rental remains a realistic reflection of market demand.

It’s a unique niche, and one that’s influenced by many factors distinct from the traditional real estate market.

We assess each Host Application on its own merits and provide you a realistic and up-to-date rental estimate based on our extensive industry insight.

It’s why we’re leading the way with land rentals.


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