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How do I get started with hosting?

Firstly, on behalf of us Tiny Housers, THANK YOU for considering opening your property to us long term. We realise it's a big commitment for some.

What are the PRELIMINARY SCREENING QUESTIONS we ask before proceeding with your Host Application?

GREAT question, thanks for asking!


While Tiny Houses generally come with stabilisers/levellers and the like, these are intended only to accomodate a small degree of fall, much like a caravan. A one metre drop from one end of the Tiny House to the other is just not going to work.

In these scenarios we recommend either finding a more level spot on the property, or excavating a small section for access (where practical).

While many Tiny House builders recommend parking up long term on a concrete slab to prevent any structural issues caused by movement, this isn't always practical or financially feasible in land rental situations.

My own Tiny House is parked on a crushed rock driveway, in an area that was compacted multiple times before my house was delivered. This is perfcetly fine.

However, there are many current listings where the Tiny House tenant will be parking on a grassed section of a paddock.

The bare minimum would be a level section of relatively compacted ground, that’s not prone to flooding (obviously) and where water won’t pool. Anything above that is really a bonus.


For many, the advantage of Tiny House level is the privacy and ability to integrate with nature. That’s kinda difficult when you’re hearing constant traffic noise, and you’re visible to prying eyes (and believe me, Tiny Houses are still a novelty to the majority of people who don’t live in one- there WILL be curious onlookers!).

If your property is somewhat urban, that’s obviously to be expected, but a row of tall trees or shrubs can make an otherwise unsuitable block a great choice. Having said that, if you have a backyard which is overlooked on all sides by two storey apartment buildings- hosting may not be a good fit for you.

In terms of neighbours, it may not always be possible to have acres of distance between them and the Tiny House. They need to be far enough away so that the Tiny House tenant isn't impacting your neighbours' quiet enjoyment of their property. If this isn't possible, at a minimum we recommend having conversations with your neighbours about your plan to host a Tiny House, and make sure they have no issues with that.

In the majority of cases where councils become involved, it's because a neighour was unaware you were bringing a Tiny House onto your property until the tow truck arrived, and they feel blindsided and slighted, which is understandable.

A parking spot away from neighbours with their advance knowledge and support will give all parties the best chance of a successful arrangement.


Many potential hosts haven’t seen a Tiny House in person before, and are a little surprised by their sheer scale! I still remember the first time I ever saw one in person. I mean, I’m 6ft3, but even I was dwarfed and looked up at this massive building in absolute AWE. It really did feel like an apartment block on a trailer!

**The average Tiny House delivery requires access of 3m width, 15m length and 4.3m height**

Perhaps the simplest way to think about it is this- could you easily manoeuvre a large caravan and oversize towing vehicle to the proposed parking spot- ALL the way from the road, through your gate, down/up the driveway, and across any river crossings?

And if you're considering accepting someone with a larger Tiny House or cabin of 3 or 3.5m width.. can you get a B-double truck or low loader across your property?

A big point I think that's often overlooked is the total length of the towing setup. A few years back when I bought my Tiny, the average length of a Tiny was 6m. More recently, Tiny House builders are using SIP panels which are far lighter, which means we are now seeing builds of over 10 metres!

While the average member of our platform has a Tiny around the 8 or 9 metre mark, we can't forget to factor in the length of the tow vehicle too. Potentially there could be a tow truck and Tiny House with a total overall length of 19 metres coming up your driveway!

Are the turns and corners of your driveway gentle enough to accomodate the turns of a vehicle that size? And is there a turning circle possible so a tow truck can reverse a Tiny into its long term parking spot if required?

The specialty Tiny House towing companies we recommend are skilled at navigating even the toughest of access- but if we can make their life easier, there will be less potential damage to both your property AND the Tiny House.

If your property could accomodate a smaller Tiny House, say 6 or 7m long... then that's perfectly fine. Please just ensure you note the maximum dimensions your access will allow when completing our Host Application form.


Then we'd LOVE to hear from you!

Submit your Host Application here:

If you're not 100% sure on one of those points but you're still super keen to host? Shoot me a message and let's see if we can make it work


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