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How much is land rental for a Tiny House?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

I am asked this question SO often- I'm astonished I haven't thought to create an FAQ post on this one sooner 😅 Better late than never, right?

In terms of rental amounts, there are many factors involved here.. location, any utilities offered, the reason the host is doing it even (if it’s more for philanthropic reasons they tend to charge a slightly lower rent).

While we can offer guidance, the rental amount on our listings is set by our amazing Hosts, not us.

At present, we have listings everywhere from free+ pay for what power you use (in Vic) right up to $250 a week for a stunning Sunshine Coast property within minutes of all amenities and conveniences, in rainforest with power included. And everything in between!

The "average" rent is around the $150 mark. Utilities are usually extra, on a "user pays" basis.

As a general rule- the further south and inland you go, the lower the rent 👌🏻Having said that- in Central QLD where the weather is USUALLY drier, the market rate for rental would be closer to the $100 mark, as it's not as highly sought-after for Tiny Housers.

It's a complex question with no straight answer or matrix due to the number of variables involved.

This is why we provide all our new hosts a rental appraisal when they submit their Host Application, to give them our insight on the current market value of their location. You can submit your Host Application here and find out what your property could be worth:

If you're looking for a parking spot for your Tiny, rest assured we don't accept listings from potential hosts who have unrealistic expectations of the potential rental income. Price gouging in a housing crisis is not okay.

If you found this info helpful- would love you to share with your Tiny House-loving friends.


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