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I don’t believe in New Year’s resolutions, but..

THIS is the year I help more people go Tiny than ever before.

And I'm starting with those of you who aren't quite ready to dive in yet.

Heck, maybe you're not even sure if it's really for you?


I’ve been working on something behind the scenes that will change your life!


As you may have noticed from our socials (I see you, stalker ;) I’ve created a LOT of resources, articles and blog posts over the past year or so, covering off many of the questions people have around Tiny House living.


Until now, it's almost felt as though I've spent more time sending people links to all my resources rather than actually creating new resources..!


For your convenience (and my sanity..!) I’ve spent my holidays creating a MEGA resource I hope you’ll find super helpful.


ALL your questions are answered- in one place!!

WELCOME to the Tiny Resource Hub.


It's an online resource library for EVERYTHING you need to know about living Tiny.

We cover off questions about land, legislation, finance, choosing a builder, finding insurance, towing, and so much more!!

With more added EVERY single month!


My favourite part of the new Tiny Resource Hub?

I’ll be doing a LIVE monthly "Hot Seat" Q&A session, answering YOUR questions about Tiny living!


Members also get exclusive discounts and access to resources not publicly available.

PLUS you get priority access to a couple of other super exciting things I’ll be launching a little later this year!!


I really should be charging at least $20 a month for everything that’s included!

Maybe more. But to keep all this super affordable, you get EVERYTHING above FOR ONLY $5 A MONTH!


The Tiny Resource Hub is NOW OPEN!!



Making it easier for you to go Tiny.


Tiny House Resource Hub

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