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Is a caravan a better option for you right now than a Tiny House?

Following on from yesterday’s post..

Many of us have drooled over Tiny Houses for YEARS (me? Six lol).

We read alll the magazine articles, binge-watch our beloved Bryce on Youtube’s Living Big In A Tiny House and Tiny House Nation.

It’s understandable. They’re gorgeous! There’s just something about them that’s captured the hearts and minds of MILLIONS of us.

As a kid, I remember playing in our large backyard with my sister, making a “cubby house” out of layers of bricks on the ground, playing “kitchens” and making mud pies topped with flowers that mum just HAD to try (poor mum).

As a grown-up, there’s very little in life that gives us that same novelty factor we experienced as kids. I think this is part of the reason many of us are so drawn to Tiny Houses.

Sometimes I lie in bed at night in my own Tiny House, staring up at the twinkling fairy lights (is it even a Tiny House if you don’t have fairy lights?!) and thinking WOW this is just so seriously special. ✨

I wonder how many people live in McMansions and have the same thoughts…. 🤨

At the end of the day, while Tiny Houses do feel like something special, they are also a means to an end.

They are a means to having FEWER ends.

They are a means to enabling a far simpler life.

They are a means to giving us back our precious time, so we can focus on the things that are actually important to us.

They are a means to ultimate housing flexibility- to live without a mortgage, be able to pack up and move while taking our beloved home with us, to new adventures on a whim, and to new climates when our ageing bones demand warmer climates 😅

But for me, by far the biggest advantage of Tiny life is that it reduces your overheads SO significantly that entirely new possibilities open up- you can survive a pandemic even after losing both of your jobs, you can chase that business or creative dream and survive just fine on minimal income, you can leave your toxic partner and still keep a safe, secure roof over your children’ heads. I’ve done all of those, and I write this in tears of gratitude that my Tiny life has allowed me all of this and more. 😭🙏🏻

But what many people overlook is that of all these incredible advantages- NONE OF THESE ARE EXCLUSIVE TO TINY HOUSES ON WHEELS (THOWs).

You can achieve the exact same outcome with a caravan.

If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know this is exactly how I started out my Tiny journey.

As building costs explode, many people are feeling disheartened that their Tiny House dream might now be beyond their reach.

My question for you is- WHY do you want to go Tiny?

If it’s for any or all of the above reasons- why not consider a caravan instead?

More and more people are now choosing full-time caravan life as their Tiny living option. You can still “Live Tiny” minus the official “Tiny House on Wheels”.

Think about it- while I will always adore Tiny Houses, caravans have sooo many advantages over THOWs. As someone who owns both, I feel I’m in a pretty good position to speak to this:

* Caravans are lighter and purpose-built for towing and road travel, so you can tow it yourself (or beg a mate with a ute, for a slab or bbq!).

* Caravans are a fraction of the price point. I’m talking about 10 year old models that really feel like home, not the shiny new plastic ones that can cost over six figures (although many people live full-time in these too).

* Caravans maintain their resale value. With the surge in domestic travel recently, caravan prices have really boomed, so much so that many pre-loved ones have increased in price, and they’re selling like hotcakes. THOWs on the other hand are more of a depreciating asset.

* Caravans are easier to sell. A decent one will usually sell within a few short weeks. With a THOW, as each build is heavily customised to the owner, stunning builds can still be on the market 6 months after listing, I’ve seen it myself.

* I was going to add a point here about caravans being easier to insure- but I’ve just had word there’s a HUGE announcement on that front happening this weekend at the Tiny Homes Expo thanks to Great Escape Finance and the Australian Tiny House Association. Stay tuned!!

I have multiple friends who have lusted after Tiny Houses for years, but financially they were just never going to be a viable option. Instead they purchased large older caravans and have turned them into absolutely incredible, liveable “Tiny Houses”. And they’re happy as pigs in 💩

Champagne tastes on a beer budget? A caravan can give you all the freedom of a Tiny House, for a fraction of the price.

Tiny Houses will still be the big bold goal for thousands of people, and thats totally ok too.

But if all the above resonates and you don’t want to have a $100k loan over your head? A far more palatable $20-30k loan for a caravan will give you all the same benefits, and still cost you a fraction of your existing rent or mortgage.

Food for thought.


PS: For those asking about the legislation surrounding caravan and Tiny House living, check out my comprehensive post on this here:

PPS: Yes, our platform offers listings suitable for both caravans and THOWs.

PPPS: If you do need some help to go the caravan route (see what I did there? 😉) send a message to @greatescapefinance, they’ll look after you.

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