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Just a reminder that ParkMyTinyHouse is a safe space for our hosts

I had to take a few VERY LONG deep breaths recently after reading yet another thread in a Tiny House related Facebook group that made me rage.

There are SO MANY incredible people out there who own property and are considering renting part of their space to a Tiny House tenant. Many of you have told me that in the midst of the housing crisis, you almost feel guilty for having unused acreage when so many can’t find a rental 😭🙏🏻

Firstly- WE LOVE YOU.

Secondly- for your own sake, I strongly recommend you DON’T post in a Facebook group asking for people’s experiences and opinions about hosting.

Unfortunately, I can guarantee you that over 95% of the responses you’ll read are going to be horrendously negative.


1. Those who don’t work in the industry all day every day have zero idea what the market value of land rentals are. You’ll be accused of profiteering, taking advantage, and much much worse.

2. The personal attacks of the most vocal naysayers are most commonly those who, unfortunately and for whatever reason, are not in a position to buy property themselves. They often don’t have a realistic, up-to-date understanding of the TRUE costs of owning property- the rates, the expensive mortgage, utility charges, insurance, costs of maintaining the land, roads and your home itself.

3. Many people HAVE had negative experiences hosting before- by choosing tenants poorly through community noticeboards, without any screening, support or paper trail. Unfortunately when finding tenants this way, there’s no accountability and you have few options when they default on rent and leave you high and dry.

All of these and more are the exact reason I started this platform.

Land owners are going to find ways to help pay their ever increasing bills, no matter what.

ParkMyTinyHouse offers a SAFE method of doing just that.

With full support, lease documentation and carefully vetted tenants, we are proud to say that in almost two years of operation, we’ve not had ONE single complaint from our hosts about the conduct of their tenants.

Not. One.

So if you’ve been thinking about hosting, but you’ve been burned before (or have had others in your ear who have), we are here to ensure a safe and mutually beneficial arrangement for both you and your tenant.

When you're ready to get started, we'd love to see your Host Application HERE


We are a safe space for hosts

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