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Oh HI THERE new friends!

If you're new here after meeting us last weekend at the Sydney Tiny Homes Expo- welcome!!

We always love meeting you and watching the looks on your faces as realisation dawns that, because parking spots are easier to find than they’ve ever been.. your Tiny House dreams can actually come true!! 🤩

Our inbox has been FLOODED with DMs asking if we have spots in xyz location. I love your enthusiasm!!

For our new friends though, I wanted to give a super quick overview of our platform and how it works.



But that’s sort of not the point.

The reason we operate under a membership/subscription model is to ensure all our members are as genuinely invested in finding spots as we are.

We recommend you join with a 12 month or 6 month (our most popular) VIP subscription when you’re around 4-6 months out from actually needing your lease to start.

So, whether we have a listing RIGHT NOW or not is sort of a moot point- as we work on the basis that we proactively search for hosts that are an exact match for our members’ needs.

If you need a spot super urgently (in under 90 days), you’ll need an SOS rescue package so we can prioritise our search for you.

For everyone else, we suggest the 6 month option so we can dedicate resources to host outreach in your desired area. You can get started here:

We’ve had amazing success locating hosts in most parts of Australia, including sought after areas like Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, most of NSW and Vic. We are SUPER bloody proud of that.

Areas we still have a ways to go include Central Coast, Perth and Adelaide.

If you have acreage in any of those areas and want to chat further about the possibility of hosting- shoot me a message and let’s chat 👌🏻

If you know in advance you’ll need a spot late this year or next in any of those areas, please help us by taking out a longer term membership to help resource us to do the hard yards and legwork not just for you, but for others like you too.

Like the Pantene commercial- it won’t heppen overnight but it WILL heppen 😝


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