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Something pretty major happened three years ago today.


See, my mum is a prolific author of DOZENS of published novels.

I’ve always loved writing since I was a kid too, so I guess I have my genes to thank.

My mum’s writing style is very different to mine- just like in real life, she’s a planner. Plot, character, chapter outlines and everything in between are carefully crafted for MONTHS before she even starts writing. Then she takes a few months to write the rough manuscript. And another few months are spent on editing.

Sometimes I wonder how on earth we’re related, cos I am so easily bored that there’s no way I would get more than a few weeks into the project before abandoning it (story of my life!).

And then the lockdowns of 2020 happened, and I suddenly had a whole lot of extra time on my hands.

My creative mind was swimming with ideas- including the concept, characters and plot for a novel!

I don’t know quite what happened, but with both kids at their dads’ for the duration, I was obsessed with this book idea and went into a metaphorical cave. I did nothing but eat, sleep and write.

Only TEN days later, I emerged from the cave with a fully completed manuscript!!

What did I learn here? You shouldn’t rule out a certain destination for yourself just because someone else’s journey to get there doesn’t resonate with you. I’m sure there’s some profound inspirational quote to be made from this that applies to going Tiny…!

My first self-published book The Phoenix Project is a steamy romance, combining the themes of past relationship trauma and Tiny House life! It may or may not be semi auto-biographical 😉.

My book was intended to be a fundraiser for my long term philanthropic mission, Phoenix Women’s Village. While the project has been on the back burner for some time to focus on creating an income stream to fund it, the idea is to create a safe haven residential village of Tiny Houses for women escaping family violence.

It would mean so much to me if you would support this project by downloading a copy of my book HERE, as all profits go to Phoenix Womens Village. If you're not into romance novels that's totally ok, but I'd appreciate your support nonetheless 😉


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