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Sydney Tiny Home Expo Wrap-up

A HECTIC weekend as always, but my rare opportunity to get out of the office and talk to someone other than myself!

With 47 homes on display, this was the biggest Sydney expo yet.

It’s great to see so many builders embracing the surge of interest in single level homes. When so many of us go Tiny in our 40s and as a retirement plan, it just makes sense.

Lots of the industry mainstays were there including Alphaline, Hauslein, and Havenwood Tiny Homes who brought an entire village of 7 homes!! The logistics made my eyes water!

I was also super impressed with the overall quality and standard of all homes on show- the bar has definitely been raised now there are so many industry newcomers.

One of which was Phil at Modern Tiny Homes. WOWSERS that was one sexy house!! It may only have been 5.4m long but the craftsmanship and attention to detail was obvious in every fixture and fitting- right down to the most perfectly aligned copper nails in the exterior cladding I’ve ever seen. So satisfying!

So many people post inspo pics in Tiny House groups online with smart, convertible furniture that I’m surprised so few builders actually incorporate some of these pieces in their homes. I was delighted to see so many pull-out/fold-down/lift-up type features in Phil’s home. Definite high-end camper van type vibes!!

But my pick of the show would have to be the Hartley 8.4m family home by newbies Ridgeline Tiny Homes. PHWOAR. The layout is spacious and functional magic and it’s evident these guys actually live Tiny. The stairs along the back end wall really open up the entire floor plan, and make so much sense I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see similar designs from other builders.

There’s so much talent now that I’m truly excited about the direction this industry is heading.

And we’ll be here for ALL of it.

We spoke to hundreds of people excited to go Tiny ASAP (if you're one of them, choose a membership option HERE to get started).

But we can't help these people unless we’re able to offer them land!

SO if you have land within an hour of Sydney and would like a rad tenant to byo home and pay you around $10,000 a year- just email us at to see if your place might be a fit for us!

Did you attend the expo? Which house was your fave?


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