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THIA is here!

I’m busting with excitement and can’t hold off the big announcement any longer..


When I first launched this platform almost two years ago, my mission was simple- make it easier for people to choose the Tiny House lifestyle by removing the “finding land” obstacle from the conversation. And I’m proud to say we’re doing that with great success.

But my greater mission has evolved in a BIG way.

My updated BIG PICTURE vision is to help the Tiny House industry move forward by showcasing it to a much broader audience.

What began as a small, underground movement has evolved into a powerful, multi-million dollar mainstream industry that’s already disrupting the traditional housing market. As an industry that’s sustaining tens of thousands of families, we can no longer be ignored or treated as an anomaly.

Smart decision-makers will acknowledge this and work with us towards more formal integration of Tiny Houses as the instant and accessible housing solution we all know they can be.

How the awards work:

✅ There are 12 categories, aimed at highlighting those doing amazing work in different niches

✅ The public will be invited to suggest which businesses should be nominated

✅ There is a “People’s Choice” category that will be entirely decided by public vote

✅ Categories will be announced starting this week

✅ Entries will be judged by a panel of industry experts, leaders and peers

✅ Awards will be presented at a red carpet Gala event in Brisbane during August

✅ Sponsorship opportunities open shortly

@Tag your favourite Tiny House builder to make sure they don’t miss out on nominations!

Let’s show the world what the Australian Tiny House industry is all about.


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