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Tiny House Airbnbs are on the decline.


Q: What are people cutting back on first in the current economy?

A: Big purchases and luxuries- like travel.

Tiny House Airbnbs are seeing a sharp decline in booking rates. And coming into winter, that’s only going to continue. Many are selling up their Tiny Houses. And when the initial investment is around $100k, who could blame them?!

The thing with short stay rentals is, even if you're an absolute Superhost, you’re still at the mercy of so many things outside your control: the economy, travel trends and the weather just to start with, and let’s not forget the tens of thousands of Airbnb owners left in financial distress when lockdowns forced them to close their bookings for ALMOST A WHOLE YEAR! Can you imagine not having ANY rental income to pay for that Tiny House loan for an entire 12 month period?!

It’s a pretty big risk, budgeting for bookings and income you might never earn, especially after shelling out close to $100,000 to buy the Tiny House first!!

Savvy property owners are now leveraging their own backyards by renting just the land to one of the many hundreds of tenants on our waitlist!

When you can earn a similar income to Airbnb without ANY of the outlay, ongoing workload or risk, why wouldn’t you give it a try?

Start earning consistent weekly income to offset your mortgage right away HERE


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