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We’re hiring!!

The incredible growth of this platform means I really need 5 of me.. but for now I’ll settle for just two!


We are looking for someone very special to become our new “Host Hero”.

You will be focused on providing massive love and support to all our amazing hosts, and also helping us reach and educate as many potential new hosts as possible.

You will need great computer, internet and writing skills, be articulate, super organised and can think on your feet.

This is a new role with high potential for growth. While you will start with part-time hours, I anticipate that will increase as we grow. Your hours will be quite flexible, so would suit a mum. The role is remote.

If you’re a sales/customer service/social media genius- WE NEED YOU!

Shoot me a message with a brief intro and why you’re perfect for the ParkMyTinyHouse family.


The ParkMyTinyHouse team
Are you the perfect addition to our team of Tiny House warriors?

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