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I swear, January 2022 feels like it was 3 years ago!! Anyone else? 😅

✅ Exhibited at 7 expos.

✅ Almost 100 property listings through the door.

✅ Almost 400 members through the door.

✅ Hired help for the first time to handle the influx of applications (Carolyn has been a godsend!)

✅ Completely rebuilt the entire website (again!!) because we outgrew the first one super fast and it no longer had the functionality we needed.

✅ Created our new Host Portal with info and resources exclusively to help our hosts have the best possible experience.

We got a lot of things right (I think).

And I know I stuffed up a few things too.

There’s always ways to improve the experience and the platform for everyone. I’m human and I’m learning every day.

I want to personally thank every single one of you- whether you liked our posts, shared our platform with others, trusted us to list your property with us, or let us help you find the perfect parking spot- THANK YOU.

I have some pretty epic projects planned for 2023. I’m working on them right now from my camping chair! 😅 #entrepreneurlife

But we do REALLY need a break for the first time in over a year, so our doors are now closed until Jan 2.

You’re welcome to continue sending through your messages, listings and applications to us. We will get back to you all in the New Year.

Have an incredible Christmas and holiday period with family and loved ones, wherever you are.

May it mark the beginning of an entire year of magic and joy for all of us.


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