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What's on your vision board?

I took a stroll down the street today, coffee in hand, and came upon some real estate windows.

Stopped for a looky look at all the beautiful beach mansions on display (because who doesn’t?!)

Then it hit me.

I used to have homes like these on my vision board, back in the day.

Now when I look at them, all I can see are the pitfalls:

  • The endless cycle of cleaning and tidying

  • The soaring power bills required to heat and cool such a large space

  • Entire weekends lost to maintaining the exterior and garden

  • The exorbitant mortgage payments

  • And let’s not even talk about ALL that wasted space

After living Tiny for 6 years now, I can confidently say that even if I had millions in my bank account, I STILL wouldn’t buy a home like these.

Living Tiny means you can have an equally luxurious home but on a smaller scale, minus all the drawbacks!!

What's on your vision board?


PS: if it's a Tiny House, click here to get started living that dream..

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