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Award Categories

Best Budget Build
under $100,000

Highlighting those building creative and affordable Tiny Homes, while demonstrating that Tiny House life doesn't have to feel like the budget option.

Who is it for?

If your business checks most or all of these boxes, we invite you to submit your nomination for this Award.

Creative solutions

Smaller budgets necessitate creative thinking, and your builds are testament to your problem-solving abilities.

You operate on the basis that lower costs don't have to mean cutting corners on quality or workmanship.

Heart and soul

You are committed to providing affordable housing solutions for those who most need them.

Your motivations are genuine, and you demonstrate a desire to make positive change in the world.

The right approach

You are dedicated to doing things the right way and being a good example of the original motivations for Tiny House living.

Eligibility criteria

Each award category has its own eligibility criteria. All criteria must be met for a business to nominate.

The business must:

  • Be registered in Australia

  • Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)

  • Conduct itself in an ethical manner with all clients, contractors and business partners

  • Not have been subject to bankruptcy or liquidation within the past 5 years

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