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Award Categories


Recognising builders who go above and beyond current best practice, to ensure builds will comply with not only current standards but potential future regulation.

Who is it for?

If your business checks most or all of these boxes, we invite you to submit your nomination for this Award.

Forward thinking builds

Your company holds itself to a higher standard than what is broadly accepted within the industry, with the intention of delivering homes that may meet potential future certification requirements.

Compliance is a non-negotiable

All plumbing and electrical work is certified and signed off on. Your trailers are built to a standard beyond minimum road safety regulations. Your homes can be registered as caravans and towed safely.

Encouraging evolution

You prioritise staying ahead of legislation and changes to industry standards. You are proactive in working with industry bodies and legislators to help raise the standard of builds within the industry.

Eligibility criteria

Each award category has its own eligibility criteria. All criteria must be met for a business to nominate.

The business must:

  • Be registered in Australia

  • Have a valid Australian Business Number (ABN)

  • Have been operating in Australia for a minimum of 1 year

  • Conduct itself in an ethical manner with all clients, contractors and business partners

  • Not have been subject to bankruptcy or liquidation within the past 5 years 

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