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“Do your members only have Tiny Houses on Wheels?”

I can't believe its taken me so long to answer this one on our socials, as its asked pretty often!

While our name might be ParkMyTINYHOUSE.. the definition of what Tiny House living means will vary from one person to the next.


Over 80% of our members do have actual purpose-built Tiny Houses on Wheels (THOWs).

Another 10-15% live full-time in caravans.

A few more live in converted buses, vans and motorhomes.

And yet another handful live in container homes or Tiny Houses on skids or stumps.

If you're thinking about going Tiny in any of those types of dwellings- we can help you! (yay).

If you're thinking about hosting a Tiny House tenant, we want you to know that as the landowner, the decision about who and what you will allow on your property is 100% yours.

Our Host Application form is rather comprehensive, and gives you many options around what you'd like to offer, where, to whom, for how much and how long.

One of the decisions we ask you to make is which dwelling types you would consider hosting on your property.


Dwellings on wheels fall under vehicle and caravan rules.

Basically, these dwellings don't fall within government mandated planning guidelines.

Around half of our hosts are most comfortable with this option, and will consider Tiny Houses on Wheels or caravans only.

However, a growing number are now accepting container homes and other dwellings not on wheels.

In full disclosure, it should be noted that if dwellings are not on wheels, then standard planning guidelines apply.

There are a multitude of reasons why landowners choose to host tenants in these dwellings anyway.

Some of those we hear most often are that they want to "do something" about the current housing epidemic, and that they are left with little choice due to increasing financial pressure and mortage repayments.

In the current climate, we don't believe it's anyone's right to pass judgement. We love all Tiny Houses, and we love all our hosts.

If you're thinking about hosting and want to have a chat about your options, book a call with me here:


We’re not just for Tiny Houses
Do our members ONLY have Tiny Houses on Wheels?

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