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Host Week- Final Topic!!


We’re consistently told that ParkMyTinyHouse is the safest way for land owners to make an income from hosting.

You don’t need to know all the answers, because WE DO.

With two years of experience in the Tiny House land rental space, we’re the industry experts. No-one else does things the way we do, and we're super proud of that!

We genuinely love what we do. We’re passionate about alleviating the housing crisis by enabling people to live their Tiny House dreams, while simultaneously helping land owners create an income stream that covers their rising costs of living.

As a Host with our platform, how do we help YOU?

When you host with us, we:

⭐️ Provide a market appraisal for renting your land.

⭐️ Undertake a risk assessment to ensure both parties have some security.

⭐️ Use professional copywriting for your listing to attract the best possible candidates.

⭐️ Provide lease templates, for your protection and peace of mind.

⭐️ Guarantee your confidentiality. No identifying details are shared.

⭐️ Screen all your applicants. Only genuine ready-to-go tenants will be sent your way.

⭐️ Provide dedicated host support throughout the process.

⭐️ Advertise your listing, with potential reach of over 80,000 for those needing extra love.

⭐️ Potential income of over $10,000 per year.


If we were a traditional property manager, we’d be charging you:

❌ Listing fee, 1.5x weekly rent = $225

❌ Advertising, fixed fee = $275

❌ Ongoing management fee, 7.7% weekly rent = $600.60/yr

🛑 That equates to fees totalling $1,100 in your first year. OUCH.

What's the actual investment to host with ParkMyTinyHouse?

A one-time payment of $295.

No ongoing commission. No catch.

This covers all costs associated with us providing you tenants for up to two parking spaces on your property.

If you lease two spots on the Sunshine Coast at a rental of $250 per week- that’s $26,000 every year ongoing.

For an investment of only $295.

Show me where else you can create an instant passive income stream for an investment of only $295.

You’re about 30 minutes* away from making thousands of dollars from land you already have that’s sitting idle. (*the average time hosts take to complete our Host Application form)


*Fees based on traditional property management by my local real estate agent

**Sample calculations based on our hosts’ average weekly rental of $150

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I paid, the registration fees a couple of months ago.

But apart from getting another email showing how much money i can make, I have had no takers.

Do you have any other Tasmanian land holders who are registered?

If so, have they had any success?

Adrina Larner,

Semaphore Farm,

Port Arthur,



Briony J
Briony J
06 Eki 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Hi Adrianna,

Thank you for hosting with us and for taking the time to leave feedback.

We’ve not had applications for your listing since it was posted a month ago, however we’ll emailed you with an update.


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