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How to NOT get taken advantage of with a "work in lieu" rental agreement

There are many reasons you might be considering hosting a Tiny tenant on your land.

One of the main ones is to have someone helping you maintain your property. It’s such a win/win scenario which is why it’s super common.

Unfortunately these arrangements are often offered to a “friend of a friend” on a handshake agreement, and quickly go pear-shaped.

Whether you choose to host with ParkMyTinyHouse or not, we never want either party to have a bad experience that sours their impression of Tiny House life.

Here are our recommendations for undertaking a work in lieu rental arrangement SAFELY:

1. Create a lease agreement specifying that rent is payable weekly at market value. We provide all our hosts with a rental estimate when they submit their Host Application.

2. Include a clause in this lease stating that rent collected will be reimbursed by $x per hour to a maximum of x hours per week, and specify what kind of labour is involved.

3. Specify a REASONABLE hourly rate for labour undertaken. We suggest a min $30h. Any less than this is unfair to your tenant. I’ve heard some absolute horror stories and it’s NOT ok to charge more than market value in labour.

When you host with ParkMyTinyHouse, all the above are covered off in our lease documentation.

We’ve also found that simply having a third party for accountability screens out those who would otherwise take advantage.

As a result of our processes, we’ve never had a single complaint from any of our hosts or tenants regarding a work in lieu rental arrangement.

More detailed info and support is available to all our hosts. Get started hosting safely HERE


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