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Bry has the flu, so our new Host Hero Lucy needs to keep busy!

What better way to do that than spend the week working with those interested in hosting?

Let’s start at the beginning:


At the most basic level, it involves you as a property owner providing a small, unused area of your land for a long term (6-12month plus) tenant.

We find this tenant for you, and they will BYO their own dwelling to live on your property.

We provide you lease documents and your tenant will pay you directly.

ParkMyTinyHouse is a little different to a traditional real estate agent. We are essentially a match-making service, who are very aware that hosts are a valuable and reasonably scarce resource at this stage.

Given that most of our hosts are offering spaces on their family property, we’ve changed things up by ensuring YOU are 100% in control of the process. Unlike standard landlord scenarios- you have the choice of tenant, the kind of dwellings you’re comfortable having on your property, whether you’re ok with tenants with kids/pets/gardens etc.

With over 200 current members looking for land Australia-wide, there honestly aren’t many places we aren’t looking for hosts!

The average rent is around $150 per week, although this can vary hugely depending on location, outlook and any services provided.

Most of our hosts make $8,000+ per year from each tenant.

What will you do with that extra income stream?


READY TO GET STARTED? Lodge your Host Application HERE so Lucy can get started on creating your listing.

JUST A HEADS-UP that our current one-time hosting fee of $150 is increasing to $295 this weekend, to more accurately reflect our costs in providing this service. If you’ve been on the fence, there’ll never be a better time than now!

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