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The first annual Tiny House Industry Awards Gala is locked in for Brisbane, August 26!!!

There are so many reasons I feel this long overdue Awards program is important.

As a relatively small industry, connections are everything. It’s so important for businesses to have an off-the-clock opportunity to network, skillshare, problem solve and collaborate. Partnerships are forged at events like this that can help both businesses succeed.

Education is also a glaringly overlooked aspect of the industry at present. There’s currently no means of disseminating industry news to those who most need to hear it. Our Awards Gala will include multiple info segments covering off some of the above.

But even more importantly than all the above, achieving widespread recognition and acceptance for this freaking incredible industry is my biggest mission. Showing the world (and the powers-that-be) how well-built, intelligently designed and meticulously planned Tiny Houses can be, will go such a long way to establishing Tiny Houses as the legitimate housing option WE all know they can be.

With estimates of our Gala guest list sitting at over 300, this is a reminder that running an event of this scale requires a massive investment of both time and capital.

We can’t do this without your help!

We’ve curated what we think are some pretty special Sponsorship packages, and we’re so grateful to those of you who’ve already put your hand up to support the Awards program 🙏🏻 #weloveyou

You can check out our corporate Sponsorship package options HERE

Individual support options will be released shortly also.

Thank you for your support!!


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