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This is the face of a VERY happy girl.

Three years ago, this lifelong couch potato turned into a gym junkie (the new bf was a PT, the decision was out of my hands 😅).

I joined the gym with the goal of strengthening my weak quads and knees so I could run. My myotherapist suggested that might not be possible for me.

But RUN I DID!! I even ran my first competitive 10k and didn’t finish last!!

But a year ago I injured BOTH my achilles with a new, poor-fitting pair or running shoes. I was heartbroken!!

I’ve spent the past year burying my head in work and supercharging the progress of ParkMyTinyHouse rather than trying to get my health and fitness back.

And it’s absolutely been worth it on the business front.

But damn I’ve missed those endorphins.


Who even am I?!

Last week I finally got in to see an ace foot doctor and the progress already is such a relief!

I rejoined a new gym last week and today was my first session back.

DAMN it felt good!

I remember now how good it feels to be the only one who looks like they’re enjoying their workout cos they’re singing and grooving along to their epic Spotify playlist 🤩

This year I’m treating my body and health with as much love as I treat my business.

Watch out babes.


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